Programme 12 April

Spinal Trauma: Team Work

Time Subject and Lecturer
9.00 Welcome and introduction
René Castelein
09.10 What is complex spine?
René Castelein
09.40 Discussion.
09.50 Different osteotomies of the spine.
Sander Muijs
10.20 Discussion.
10.30 Coffee break.
11.00 When and how to go anterior?
Steven Van Gaalen
11.20 Discussion.
11.30 Vertebral column resection.
Cumhur Öner
11.50 Discussion.
12.00 Sacro-iliac fixation.
Agnita Stadhouder
12.20 Discussion.
12.30 Lunch.
13.30 Value of preoperative traction.
Moyo Kruyt
13.50 Discussion.
14.00 Different growing systems.
Sebastiaan Wijdicks
14.20 Discussion.
14.30 Safety in spine surgery.
Jorrit-Jan Verlaan
14.50 Discussion.
15.00 Break.
15.30 My worst case. Faculty
16.00 Tricky structures around the bone.
Ronald Bleys
16.30 Closure.

Programme 13 April

Hands-on Cadaver Course

Time Subject and Lecturer
08.00 Station 1
09.30 Station 2
11.00 Coffee break
11.30 Station 3
13.00 Closure and lunch


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Limited number of participants


Dr. C.F. van Koppenhagen, Rehabilitation doctor
Dr. M.C. Kruyt, orthopedic surgeon
Prof. Dr. L.P.H. Leenen, trauma surgeon
Dr. N. Moayeri, neuro surgeon
Dr. S.P.J. Muijs, orthopedic surgeon

Prof.Dr. F.C. Öner, orthopedic surgeon
Drs. S. Sadiqi, orthopedic researcher
Dr. R.K.J. Simmermacher, trauma surgeon
Dr. W.B. Slooff, neuro surgeon
Dr. J.J. Verlaan, orthopedic surgeon